When to Get a Lawyer

When you’re faced with a complex legal problem, you may wonder whether you should hire a lawyer. The answer to this question will depend on several factors, including how much you’re willing to spend and your level of comfort with the legal process.

DUI charges

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it’s vital to consult with a lawyer before going to court. Your attorney can help you negotiate the charges and avoid costly fines, jail time or a loss of your license. They can also assist you with negotiating a settlement that’s fair to both parties.


Some people think that divorce should be handled by the spouses, but in some cases, an experienced family law attorney is necessary to advocate on behalf of one or both parties. If one party is hiding assets, wasting marital funds or otherwise acting inappropriately, a qualified family lawyer can help you understand your rights and protect them throughout the divorce process.

Estates and Probate

When it comes to preparing a will, power of attorney or living will, it’s often best to hire a lawyer who specializes in these areas. They can ensure that the estate is properly managed and that there are no tax issues. They can also help you draft a comprehensive distribution plan that will ensure that your loved ones receive the assets you want them to.

Insurance claims

After an accident that’s not your fault, you should never speak with the other driver’s insurance company before contacting a personal injury lawyer. Especially in the early stages, these companies may attempt to rush you into accepting a low settlement that won’t cover your actual expenses. In addition, they can record your conversations and use them against you later if you decide to file a claim.

If you’re not sure if it’s necessary to get a lawyer, consider asking for a free consultation with a local attorney. Many lawyers offer these services and will talk to you on the phone or video conference for free to explain their approach and how they can help you. Recommended this site personal injury attorney .

Depending on the nature of the issue, you may be able to handle some or all of the legal work yourself. However, if you have a complicated case or if your legal problem requires extensive expertise in certain fields (such as real estate, business, or tax law), you might find that it’s easier and more cost-effective to hire a lawyer.

Mondays and other busy days

When you have a legal matter that needs to be handled, it’s important to remember that most lawyers have set work schedules that allow them to be most responsive to emails and phone calls during certain times of the day. For instance, Mondays and Fridays are generally the busiest days of the week for lawyers. The first few hours of a Monday are usually incredibly busy, as people who waited to contact a lawyer over the weekend may try to do so in the morning.